What we’re reading and eating this week:

Do not forget to turn your Easter ham leftovers into pea soup. (For other ideas, check out pages 11-13, How to Celebrate Everything.)

Speaking of celebrating everything: Abby got her braces off yesterday and this is what Andy brought home for her to mark the occasion.

Beef Matzo Pie for Passover.

This is such a good idea: prep a few fresh sauces and dressings on the weekend and you can elevate any meal all week long.

The sweetest family ritual.

Read of the Week: “Why aren’t you laughing?” by David Sedaris

Listen of the Week: A Totally Obsessive Guide to Sandwiches. (Which made me really crave Du’s Scrambled Egg Sandwich.)

Watch of the Week: The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling, produced by Judd Apatow. (Up Next: Ugly Delicious)

I’m really into this cold-brew contraption right now…and it’s not even cold-brew season yet.

Vacation reading: American Marriage and Pachinko (Am I the last one on Earth to read this?)

Attn: Brooklyn Parents!!! A ‘pop-up restaurant’ summer camp for teens and tweens! (Can I please attend?)

I think of these animal videos as my oxygen masks when I start hyperventilating over the headlines: Chimps, DogsBaby Monkey and my favorite, the Horror Movie Watching Cat.

Dear Therapist: My son has an impractical, ridiculous career…

Is this Hawaiian Island beach house too much to ask for in life? (The kitchen, holy moly.)

More Pie Crust Porn

Are you secretly tired of sharing at restaurants?

How Tech Experts Monitor Their Teens on Social Media

: Highlighter Pen Decorated Easter Eggs from the ever-inspiring Supermakeit. (PS: Her instagram is everything.)

Happy holidays everyone!

Top photo by Chelsea Cavanaugh for Dinner: A Love Story.

Source: dinneralovestory.com